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We're all in this together...

Yes, I watched HSM 3...and I cried a lot! This year I'm graduating too and I know exactly how the seniors feel about their future. You have to choose an university and plan your future... your last year in school seems to go faster than it should! But this is just a detail, the main reason to watch the movie was RyPay, of course.
I really got disappointed with both Evans in this movie...They had few scenes in the movie, and only one duet!
One single duet! That was lame... On the other movies they had at least two!
And what about Chad and Taylor? Why nothing happened between them? They are not officially dating, but they deserved something else in the third movie...maybe a kiss?
The new characters are ok. I liked them, was good to see new faces and Sharpay having some competition on the stage...Lol

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Uh? Rhona Mitra?

I watched "Underworld Rise of the Lycans" trailer and started to search everywhere more and more, about the movie...I was so excited about the whole thing!
But, I found something that didn't please me... The full cast.
I started to check the names on the list and I read:
"Rhona Mitra as Sonja"
I almost fell from my chair!
Why? Why not Jasmín Damak? I just can't take the idea of Mitra playing Sonja! It's going to be so weird...They could at least had chosen another blond actress!
I don't know if I'm gonna like "Rise of the Lycans" as much as I like the first movie...All I gotta do is wait to watch it, so I'll can say if I liked it.

P.S. Thanks God, Michael Sheen will be playing Lucian...

Icons, Icons, Icons...

Hi There!
I was watching The Lord of The Rings, and thought of making some icons of my fav characther, Legolas.
I tryed to post them yesterday but LJ was kinda crazy and my html was not working T_T
So I'm posting them now! 

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