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Posted at Starkcest Ficathon (AsoIaF) hosted by the_stark_words
As answer to the prompt Robb/Sansa; I've tried to deny my desire for you (but I can't)

The music was almost inaudible in The Great Hall of Winterfell, because of the conversations and the clangor of plates and cups. It was Sansa's name day and the feast had begun a few hours ago, she was giggling with Jeyne and blushing lightly, probably because of the wine.
Robb couldn't take his eyes off her, she was almost hypnotic to him. He didn't leave the table he was at the whole night, and disobeyed his father having more than a cup of wine, whishing he could drown the feelings he had for Sansa.
Sometimes she looked his way and he held her gaze for a moment, but then averted his eyes, blushing madly. Until he could not see her anymore, anywhere. He stood up, feeling a little dizzy and ignored Theon, who was talking about going after some wench.
"Where are you going?" He insisted, trying to hold Robb's sleeve, but he escaped his friend's grasp and walked away.
Robb stumbled drunkenly, down the hallways of the castle, trying to get to his room. His mind playing tricks on him as he pictured all the things Theon said he would do with some serving girl, but he sees himself and Sansa. He can almost hear her moans in his head.
"Gods! Why?" He cursed, leaning against the wall and squeezing his eyes shut, hoping the images would fade away, but he still sees them.
He heard steps and giggles and his eyes shot open, searching for the owner of that voice he knew so well, and there she was, walking down the hallway with her friend. Sansa and Jeyne halted when they saw the young man with auburn hair.
"Jeyne, you better go." Robb heard his sister whisper and lowered his gaze to the floor, not wanting to face her after the things he had imagined.
"Robb?" She called as she approached him, hesitantly. He could hear the silk of her dress hissing as she moved.
Silk. Easy to tear apart.
She stood close to him and placed a gentle hand on his arm, the scent of blue winter roses seemed to intoxicate him and he inhaled sharply trying to ignore the courage the wine had given him. When he looked at her though, he lost all control he had.
Before she could say another word he had her pinned to the wall and his face was inches from hers, he was breathing heavily and his pupils were dilated. Sansa stared at him in shock, her mouth slightly open.
He pressed his lips to hers, invading her mouth, tasting the wine, that seemed sweeter than the one he had.
"You're drunk." She breathed out when he parted, her cheeks flushed.
"I've tried to deny my desire for you... But I can't." Robb panted, his voice hoarse. "Not even when I'm drunk..." He added, lowering his face and capturing her lips again, wishing she would respond.
If she did, he would feel less guilty.


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Sep. 12th, 2012 03:41 pm (UTC)
This was so asfghgfhfhafg! I love Robb/Sansa and you wrote them both so well!
Perfect <3
Oct. 7th, 2012 09:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much :D
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