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Fic: Make you mine - Robb/Sansa

As answer to the prompt  Sansa/Robb: King and Queen of the North.

He was King in the North now and he chose Sansa as his Queen. To keep her safe, to keep the pack strong, he would always claim were the reasons.
But those were mere lies. Robb had always loved his sister more than he should, always wanted her for himself. He would never forget how jealousy seemed to burn him alive when she first saw Joffrey and her eyes shone with infatuation. He swore to himself one day he would be the one who would make her eyes shine and her heart beat faster.
And Sansa's eyes shone when she first saw him after she was rescued from the Lannisters and brought to him.
But Robb only made her heart beat faster after their wedding, when she was beneath him, moaning his name breathlessly as he buried himself inside her.
His Queen would learn to love him back, not as her king or as her brother, but as man. She would love him as her husband.